View Full Version : saltist and advantage series

10-22-2011, 06:24 AM
i have a team advantage 3000 that the rotor bearing seems to be going out it is noisy and the top half of the reel seems loose and a saltist that the line guide roller does not spin. i have already put the upgraded bushing in there and it did not make a difference. my team advantage 3000 is only 5months old is this common for this to happen because i have several other team advantage reels and i hope this is not going to be a trend with these.

10-22-2011, 01:26 PM
the same day i write this i go out fishing and my second team advantage 3000 starts clicking an making noise go figure

10-24-2011, 04:22 PM
Sorry for the inconveniences you are experiencing. We have not had any problems reported once the bushing was placed. The best thing to do is send the reels to one of our Warranty Centers or send it to our facility here in California. Unfortunately without seeing the reels, I can not say what the problem is. Either way, please send me a PM if you could. Thanks for posting!!!