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06-15-2011, 02:23 PM
Just a little heads up on the fishing. First off, it's been SOFA-KING hot the past two days it's been unreal. With the water as dirty as I've ever seen it in the 30 years I've lived and fished here I would say this....

(1) Use Chartruse or some other equally loud color....

(2) Get out in the dark AM and have a plan B for after about 8 AM....If you have enough skiff...just off the beach is a good option.

(3) If you ever considered night fishing...now's the time.

(4) If you find fish...stay on them...don't leave fish to find fish.

Today, the fishing was very good early on....had somewhere between 17- 20 Reds ( I got all buggered up on the count at 14 so just said the heck with it... ) and 10 (I think...again..some confusion keeping trout and red #'s straight in my head)
plus, For my first fish of the morning... I had a 25" Snook.
BUT my best catch was more of a hackey-sack kick. When I hooked the snook...somehow I hit/snagged my watch I guess and pulled the band attachment pin out and the watch hit the deck but with what must have looked pretty spaz-like I kicked it on the bounce back in the cockpit. That would have really sucked since I doubt it would have been findable under the circumstances.

Indian River Joel
06-15-2011, 03:28 PM
Sounds like a good day fishing!

06-15-2011, 11:29 PM
LOvin the report!!! thankyou!

06-16-2011, 10:19 AM
Took my brother this morning....went back to the same spot and while the redfish were only a glimmer of yesterdays hand over fist experience...my brother had two. It was very good for trout...and for some big girls too...My brothers may have been best at better than 5 lbs but my best was close to that....and I had a bunch of fish in the 20-23 inch range. What was funny is we were useing the relatively same color but a slightly different style (brand) of 3" soft plastic and jig combo....My brother had one of the most diverse bags you can imagine....Trout, Reds, bluefish, ladyfish, pinfish, stingray, and a big fat flounder in the 4-5 lb class that he took home. I on the other hand caught trout...and only trout....but litterally handed him his hat catching 3 - 4 trout to his one of some type fish.
The fishing was really fired up from about 6 AM till 7:30 but at about 8 - 8:15 the wind went from a nice 4 MPH or so to a full roar...litterally in minutes.... It shut the bite down and forced us to find a lee shore where I caught...that's right...4 more trout...but at 9 AM I said
"No mas"......Another day in paradise....

Indian River Joel
06-16-2011, 10:32 AM
No tarpon?

Come on man, youre slacking! :D

Just messing with ya. Thanks for the report

06-16-2011, 11:54 AM
If I wasn't leaving after lunch to go visit kids /grandkids for fathers day....I'd have taken him to my little honey hole and let him get that Tarpon and Snook... He'll have to try hard next week before I head up north for a bit....

06-16-2011, 11:56 AM
PS....Might load the Kayak.....I'm free in the AM and may hit my old home water at Pine Island.....

Indian River Joel
06-16-2011, 11:57 AM
Sweeet man! Gotta love those honey holes