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06-15-2011, 10:58 AM
Last night my buddy and I decided to go sharking at the mouth of the Bay by PC Pass...we trolled for spanish (bait) for about an hour and did pretty well...got a LOT of blues too until Flipper and her baby showed up. We set up a chum slick with chopped up boston mack and a rancid kingfish as well as the carcasses of the blues we filleted for bait...bite turned on at about 9:30 when the moon got up. Set up at the north east corner of the pass...just inside. anchored in 10 ft. and let the baits drift off the drop to the middle...tried the balloon thing, no dice. All the action was on free line/bottom.

Boated a 40 lb black tip that jumped twice and then got hooked up and broken off 3 times by bigger fish. Last cast of the night I switched to an 8/0 circle hook with 2 ft wire leader (instead of the 8 inches we were using) and hooked up a whole bluefish carcass....5 minutes later we heard the baitrunner go off and when i put the reel in gear, it did not stop...not even a little. I tightened down the drag and it still kept on trucking. Reel got so hot I couldn't palm it. Told my partner to pull anchor b/c I could see the backing under the PP and was gonna get spooled...he got the anchor up, and then.......slack line. I reeled in about 300 yards of line and found that the big bastard had bitten through the wire...

Not disappointed b/c the fight would have been an hour and I had to get back to the hill, but really wish I knew what it was. my money is on big HH or Bull...

So to answer the post from a few days ago...there ARE sharks in the bay...key is stinky chum slick and a BIG bait...

Tight lines.

06-15-2011, 11:06 AM
Just two weeks ago we saw about a 8ft hammer head on the sand bar about a quarter east of where you launch your boat.

Capt. Kevin Brotz
06-18-2011, 10:56 PM
Gotta Love a Drag screaming run like that!!

06-19-2011, 07:36 AM
Sounds like lot of fun, love those big sharks and blacktips are a BLAST

06-25-2011, 11:48 AM
Tip. If ya want big sharks ya gotta use 250# single wire in at least 8ft length. Sharks have a habit of tail whipping line and fraying it. Formula is that you need a foot of leader for every foot of shark. From a boat, that means casting out by uncoiling line and slinging by hand, but doable. You don't say what reel ya use, but 6/0 loaded with 80# braid is minimum. When a long run like that first starts, that's the time to pull anchor long before you can see spool. I cannot say enough about the hazards of fishing for sharks from a small boat. I have had a Mako come within a foot of jumping in the boat one time. If that had happened that shark would have trashed the boat, 20 miles offshore. Best if you get a really big one on, let your buddy let you out on the shore and fight it from there.

Do a little brouseing. There have been several instances of big sharks charging a boat and attempting to take a bite out of it. A ten foot Hammerhead has trememdous power. If it hit a small boat with it's tail there is a chance of knocking a hole in yer boat. I saw a video recently of a big Hammerhead eating a six foot bull shark someone was fighting. It grabbed that six foot shark and made off with it, throwing a bulge in the water four feet high.

If you want less drama, try fishing from the deer point dam fishing platform. Tie a ballon to your bait with six lb mono. There is considerable current and it will float out. When where you want it give a big jerk and break the mono, letting the bait settle on bottom. There are LOTS of BIG sharks that go all the way to the dam. Do this only at night. You will diss off too many fisherman during the day fighting a big shark. Nightime is best for shark fishing anyway.

If you really want to be prepared, have a bottle of water close by to cool the drag. To land one slipping a loop of rope around it's tail is best way. I caught one off pier one night and guy that was helping haul it out of water kept saying for everyone to keep away from teeth. Shark flouced and tail got him. He was carried off beach. Never knew if he had anything broken or not. Be careful. Learning the hard way could be unpleasant with sharks.

06-25-2011, 11:17 PM
Good advice on the long leader, especially if you're on anchor / pier fishing/

Another way to avoid all of thes "danger" problems...

Stick to 80# gear or less and learn to keep constant pressure on your fish. If it's a true boat-disposal critter (400, 500, 700 lb fish), then your 80# gear won't have him anywhere near the boat when he's still full of P&V. By the time you get him boat side he'll be fairly worn out. SNap a pic and cut the line, or load your weapon of choice.

After all, it's just a big fish. It has sharp teeth... so what? Billfish have a sword on their nose and people aren't afraid of them on a line. Probably because folks play em out and they're managable at boat side. Where as sharks... well for a shark you need a horse leg on a meat hook shackled to a 20' winch cable leader with 300 ft of anchor line on a 35hp high speed winch.

Guess what? That's going to be a pissed off shark when he gets to the boat.

06-26-2011, 08:39 AM
I agree with most all you say. When i was shark fishin full time, I wasn't afraid of em. My inexperience at first though led to some situations that I quickly learned to avoid. 80# tackle is prolly a minimum for big sharks. Otherwise you might just experience what the original poster did, SPOOLED! Prolly a good thing though not to get that size shark up to a small boat with two rookie shark fishermen aboard. Not to say that bad stuff would happen, but just that it could very well take place. I put a flying gaff into an 8ft shark my buddy had up against the shore on the first big shark we had caught. I got it from the store on the end of the pier. Tried in vane to set that grappling hook several times and it just bounced off that tough hide. So being the idiot I was when I was young, I wrapped the rope around my arm, threw the hook just past the shark, got a running start, and put all my 270# into it. Talking about a pissed off shark! For my effort I got jerked horizontal and pulled into waist deep water before I could get loose. Nearly broke my arm. Talking about fear? That shark was headed for the second sand bar again, but I didn't know that. My buddy said he thought I was gonna walk on water I got out so fast. Never ever tried that again. Do not ever put a gaff in a big shark, even if it appears to be worn out. Your asking for it if you do.

Not trying to discourage anyone from shark fishin. It is the most thrilling fishing available for near shore and bay fishermen. What other kind of fishin can hook you up with a 300 - 700 lb fish in the bay or surf? An adenelin provider for sure. Just be safe while doing it.

07-12-2011, 04:55 PM

I appreciate the knowledge and opinion...we were in my 23 bay and frankly weren't expecting a fish that big, but...guess what. I have seen a lot of bad on boats too and would have had no qualms about cutting that bastard off 20 yards out if it was that big...I was using a shimano bait runner 6500 with 85# braid...good tip for the leader though and the bottle of water...didn't think that one through. That 40 pounder we got jumped once and I have to be honest that I didn't even think about it landing in the boat. Will definitely keep that in mind next time because I have kids to go home to...

Thanks again

07-12-2011, 09:36 PM
Atty, you are woefully undersized with that 6500. Doesn't matter if you have 85# braid or not. Ya gotta have about 500 or so yeards of line. Ya can't snub a shark down very well if it exceeds six feet. sharks, just like other fish have different traits. In my experience, a mako is the king of long runs and aerial jumps. I never hooked a great white tho. You can buy a brand new 6/0 for a c note. Rod for less than that. The line will prolly be just under the other two. Then you will have something that can handle ol toothy. Did I mention a gut belt, harness? It gets very addictive ya know. I'm too old to pass muster now, you will have to stand in fer me. Good luck!