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09-30-2011, 09:00 PM
Does anyone know much about these newer models? I am taking a hard look at them and so far have been real impressed. I plan to attend the Ft. Lauderdale boat show in late October to check them out a little closer...If I do purchase one, I want to be comfortable taking it 70+mile offshore (Sarasota)..Does this boat really perform like a 27-28ft boat? Is the step an issue? With the transom door, does much water come in? Is the fuel efficency as good as advertised? Does anyone out there have a second station on one of these, if so how do you like it?

On Island Time
10-01-2011, 02:20 AM
1st...the 2550 measures out at just over 27' w/out Motors so yes... it really does perform like a 27-28' boat. Really even bigger IMO. My 2350 measure 27'-9" from Bow to back of motors trimmed down and performs like a 27' boat. All the other models I've been on, and I've been fortunate to be on the all, they all outperform boats in their respective classes.

2nd...the Step has never been an issue for me. But like any other boat and build option thats my opinion.

3rd...transom door. I've had water come in and alot at times when you have 3 guys rushing over to one side of the boat while fishing in 3'-5', but I leave my transom door open most of the time. And remember, the self bailing cockpit lets that water go right back out through the scuppers.

4th...I take my 2350 (albeit Twin screw) 60-120 NM off on the east coast frequently when fishing for YFT. And I'm crossing the stream so I would feel even more comfortable in the 2550.

5th...As for fuel efficiency, it totally depends on the Type of motor you rig on the Vessel (DFI, HPDI, 4-Stroke etc) and how well you actually run a boat. I can tell you that the 2550 with twin 175 Zukes is getting sick fuel burn, as my friend has that set up. My 2350 w/ Twin 150 OX66 is not. Now some will say that 1.7 mpg is good for my DFI motors but when I think of the 3-4.2mpg that the 175 Zukes are posting...MAN!

6th...I have a crows nest on my 2350, so not a second station. But I'll never own another vessel with out and least a crows nest. But on my next BW, most likely a 2850, Paul will be putting a full station up top for me!

Last...and MOST IMPORTANTLY...Call Paul for a Sea Trial. The boat will prove itself and answer all your questions first hand! OH...Dont sell yourself short and sea trial on a 1'-2' day. Get out there in a 4'-6' day...After riding in that...you'll see exactly why us Bluewater Owners are so proud of the Boats Paul and Karen make us. Its a good feeling knowing that if you get caught off shore, in the washing machine ol' mother nature can quickly whip up, you know your boat is dependable and will get you home safe.

Hope this helped, and while I will never bash other boats (even tho I want to)...Bluewater was just the perfect fit for me. Boats are just like cars...Some swear by Fords and others Chevrolet? It just comes down to what you like best!! And if you want a solid fishing and family fun boat...Bluewater is a great Choice!

10-02-2011, 11:55 PM
I recently purchased a 2550 its a 01 with 06 yamaha 200hpdi motors. I am very happy with the boat and the fuel economy is excellent. The folding mini tower is super for sight fishing. As far as fishing room you have dancing room behind the console. The step up leading to the bow is always a safety concern. Most accidents occur on the way down. I currently own 3 boats and might consider selling the Bluewater if you have any interest you can contact me at mule2145@comcast.net

Bite N Hold
10-03-2011, 07:01 PM
Same boat and engines as above F150 four strokes. I wish I had more power though but have no reason to repower with 1100 hrs on my motors. I can cruise at 34mph and get 2.2 mpg at 4400 rpm. It does definitely fish like a 27! Mine is quite saggy in the back end. I wish the engines were lighter or had more bouyancy in the bracket. I know that the newer ones are diffferent in that matter. I local guy here had one with a tower and it was not good. The step doesn't bother me and it gives you much more storage than boats without it.

Captain Dave
10-09-2011, 06:52 PM
Our 2550 was built in 2007, has twin 200 HO ETec and it fits our program well for what we do. The biggest issue that I truly hate about the boat is how the back sits so low below the waterline. It's real bad when we're full of fuel and I also have the transom livewell full of bait (which is more often than not). Even though Bluewater has the devices on the back to keep water from coming back up into the boat, mine don't work and water will enter the back and drain right down the center hatch into the bildge. I don't know why that design was never altered, but it's something I'm always concerned with and keep a close eye on.

As for the deck step, I never had an issue with falling off or tripping on it. The couple friends that did never forgot it afterwards and didn't do it again. We don't have a crow's nest as I don't personally care for the look of them, however they certainly serve their purpose. I've seen some BW 28's that have the crow's nest on top with a radar mounted in back of it which IMHO desen't allow the radar to perform nearly to its potential being so far back. Just something else to consider when rigging if you buy one. As for the back door, I've only had one large wave wash into the cockpit with a huge swell and large following seas while I was trying to fight a triple of gaffer dolphin on a solo trip. Even so, the water drained rather quickly so it didn't become an issue. If a second wave as big came in right after the first I may have had a problem, but that didn't happen.

The boat does ride great and handles a 3' or less chop with ease. We fish the hell out of our boat and the fish certainly seem to like it. They eat flatline baits 20' off the back all the time. If you have any other questions, fire away here or send me a PM and I'll be brutally honest. Good luck!

10-10-2011, 09:22 AM
Thanks for the feedback, its very helpful. Overall they seem like great boats. Captn Dave, I had not heard of the back stting so low, has anyone else noticed this? If I decide to get one I was planning on getting 2 live wells in the transom. Is that the set up that you have Captn Dave?

Captain Dave
10-10-2011, 10:34 AM
Thanks for the feedback, its very helpful. Overall they seem like great boats. Captn Dave, I had not heard of the back stting so low, has anyone else noticed this? If I decide to get one I was planning on getting 2 live wells in the transom. Is that the set up that you have Captn Dave?

No, we have one 50 gallon well on the transom, and as far as I am aware that is the only way the 2550 is still offered. I haven't seen a 2550 that doesn't squat low in the back. We have a fiberglass hardtop, but that isn't that much extra weight so it isn't a factor in how it sits. In my profile picture of the boat below, the livewell was full, but we only had just over 1/3 tank of fuel in the boat. Normally the transom is lower than this when I'm loaded.

Maybe they finally redesigned it so the transom sits higher on the newer 25' model, but if they did I have not heard about it. Something you definitely want to look into or talk to Paul about.

Bite N Hold
10-12-2011, 05:59 AM
I have the same isssue as Dave as I mentioned above. I think what makes this worse is that my hatches(port and stbd fishboxes, and bilge access) are NOT gasketed. I deep drop quite a bit and water just pours in the bilge via these spots and the bilge runs almost every 30 seconds!!! When hanging out drifting with more than two people in the back, water comes in the same and the bilge just runs all the time. I don't like that.
The other thing that I dislike but is common on many boats. The fishboxes drain into the bilge. I keep my boat on a lift which means I can't unscrew the drain plug. So if I put fish in the boxes, the junk drains into the bilge and the stench is horrible. This is after I hand bail the box with a small bucket.

10-12-2011, 04:39 PM
Thanks for the feedback, does anyone know if in the 2011-2012 models these issues have been addressed?

10-12-2011, 08:26 PM
I think if i was ever able to afford a 2550 I would go with the Small Block 200 E-tec's. The Big Block 200's are 100lbs heavier a piece. I have seen numerous ones local with the twin 175 Suzukis and they sit fine in the water. They are around 40+ pounds a piece heavier than the small block e-tecs. If you check out Bluewaters Facebook page there are numerous in-water pics to look at. I would give Paul a call. I am sure he could arrange a sea-trial.

Lucky Bums
11-07-2011, 09:48 PM