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ACME Ventures Fishing
06-14-2011, 11:10 AM
Well, the sea's were still high, but the winds dropped, and it was fairly
smooth sailing. We even had glassy sea's on the ride out, and stayed dry
all day, which was a nice change. A father and son were on this trip, and
much like previous trips, Mahi was a target spesis. This was not really
a trolling trip, but we would drag lines an hour or so out near the weather
First fish came much like the past several trips, same time and place. A
nice 20 pound cow. That was it however for the Mahi. Cuda's whacked
the bait a few times, and we headed to 8A. Arriving at 8A we really did
not intend to fish for Kings, but dragged lines down the reed till we hit out
bottom spot. only a minute after lines were in, a King was on. Lines
redeployed, and another. That was it, so bottom fishing we went.
A commercial boat had been diving the reef all week, and the pickings
seemed thin, so I began wondering if there was a connection. The flat
winds also had us in a different weather pattern, perhaps affecting the bite.
We did catch Sea Bass, but with one of the two anglers now feeling the
effects of the rollers, we pulled anchor, and slow trolled towards port
picking up a final King. Back to Port Canaveral, and the cleaning station.
With enough fish for a fish-fry they had planned, they were happy and
ready to eat.

Captain Henry
"Wile E Coyote"