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ACME Ventures Fishing
06-14-2011, 09:39 AM
Sea's at 5-6', winds 10-15! But the fish don't mind. Needless to say, it was sloppy,
and we were soaked, but fishing we did. The pattern we've seen continued, with the
first and biggest fish comming first, at at a particular location. This time it was a
30+ pound Bull. This was fought by the youngest member on the boat.
The second Phin we boated came in near the weather buoy, with our second
youngest angler. This 20 pound Cow added nicely to the Bull already on ice.

Our next oldest angler had his fish on the line, and as the age of the angler
increased, the size of the Mahi came down. A 7 lb Phin was now on ice.
Our elders anglers turn came, but the fish decided after an acrobatic show,
it no longer wanted to play our game, and ended the fight abruptly. We dragged
lines a little longer, with no additional intrest, so we moved around a bit, and
still all was quiet.
We motored in to 8A, made a few slow pass's dragging lines, and made some
drifts over the ridge to pick up some Sea Bass. Despite elevated sea's, we caught
nice fish. Our ride in with following sea's was fast, but very wet. To the Port
and cleaning tables we went.

Captain Henry
"Wile E Coyote"