View Full Version : South Titusville IRL 6/11

06-13-2011, 12:45 PM
My dad just retired and wanted to celebrate his new found freedom with a day on the water with his buddy from out of town. I drove from orlando and met them in the south Titusville/PSJ IRL area. I had the boat in the water at 6am, cleared the ramp at 6:15, and headed to one of my favorite flats. I pushed around in search of activity, which was slow going at first. Within 10 minutes my dads buddy landed a puffer and a lady fish :R By 7am the bait started pushing through, and the activity began to spark. I pushed into a school of 3-4in mullet that was about 50sq yards and started tossing Gulp shrimp and pogies. Within a few casts I felt a subtle bump, a small trout like head shake, and thought I had a toothy critter. Within a few seconds whatever was on the other end realized he had a hook in his mouth and the stradic started peeling drag. A few minutes later I had a beautiful fat 25in red in the boat. We pulled a few small trout out of that pod before the wind began to blow. I decided to leave the flat and move to deeper water. I set up a drift pattern over a grass flat with a buch of sand holes in the 2-3ft depth range. Between myself, my dad, and his buddy we landed about 12 more trout with 2 of them being a nice 22 and 24 inches. Had the boat on the trailer by 11am. The wind was a little sporty, but we used it to our advantage and had an awesome day on the IRL. No pics, I know the rule; if you don't have pics.....Enjoy the story.

06-13-2011, 11:03 PM
Good job on the reds and the trout!