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09-05-2011, 01:46 PM
Well, It wasn't great...but...I caught a few.
I fished the GFWC Sebastian junior womans club tourney Saturday. I was supposed to fish with my son but he had a family emergency so I wound up solo. It was a slow pick but I did catch 7 Redfish with one a 26 1/4" that led the board till 5 minutes till close of scales...then, was bumped by 6 ounces...The good thing is that since this is a charity fund raiser...the difference was only $25 between 1st and second place. I also was on the board with a trout but was bumped down to 4th place. A lot of fun and a good cause.....but I normally don't fish that long at this time of year....and it beat me up.

Sunday I was physicly drained and got a super late start...tried to get bait but my bait spots were nearly empty...got a dz and left. I started throwing the Limetruese jig and had a nice fish on early but it came off. Worked the area hard and caught two 17-18 inch Reds.....and that was it. Didn't have any drive so I quit early.

Today I got out in the pre dawn but again, bait was hard...Bigger mullet everywhere but fingers were scarce....got a dz and left. Again, threw the jig early and jumped a ladyfish off....The next hit was the one I wanted (but would have been WAAYY better Saturday:banghead) It wound up being a solid trout...easily a money winner. Had one more fish on but lost it...left there and tried "plan B" and pulled three more slot trout..bottom and top slots! This is like 9:30....spent the next two hours fishless and assesing the now horrible conditions and howling wind.... Figuring to not want to mess around with a crazy ramp...I quit!

Docked Wages
09-05-2011, 02:00 PM
Way to go and hang in there. I am thinking about hitting the river this evening if the wind lays down. Just not sure how much I want to comitt with all this dirty water and humidity. I guess it will be a last minute call.