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08-22-2011, 11:10 PM
I've been around the board for a while, but this is my first fishing report. I went out with a friend today and put in at Parrish Park. That was after stopping at what used to be favorite bait shop, newly named, that for the second time in a row only to find out that they were out of shrimp. Fortunately, my new favorite bait shop a couple of blocks away had bait.

Now, I usually fish Sundays, but a a rare Monday day off found the parking lot at Parrish Park nearly deserted around 7:00 a.m.. As we turned off the causeway and went to turn left towards the park across the FWC we saw a couple of tails moving around straight in front of the stop sign. Needless to say I did a quick launch of the boat and headed around the point to see out the tails that we had just seen. We crept up on the spot but all we found was mullet and reds had seemed to have moved on. We threw some shrimp and finger mullet for a few minutes and didn't find that anything that liked what we were offering.

We ran down river to a spot around the Nasa Causeway. We started throwing live shrimp and started hooking up with trout, pretty much one after the other, about 25-30 in all. We had three keepers, with most of the others between 12" and 15". Now I'm not very good with artificials as a rule, but we started throwing the DOA deadly combo with the gold flake shrimp. We got good results. We got several hookups within seconds of it hitting the water.

We headed back up to the railroad bridge and fished the point for a while. Pretty much threw everything that we had and didn't get anything except for a couple of big pinfish. From there we made the ride over to Haulover, my friend had never been there. We went out to the East end and fished around the rocks. The water was being moved all over the place, but there was not bite. There were several dolphins feeding and I'm sure that didn't help either. It was now late morning and cooking hot with no wind. The waster was like glass.

On the way back through the canal we saw a few manatees and dolphins. We made a couple of stops around the spoil islands on the north side of the channel on the way back in. Lots of mullet everywhere, but nothing else. The water temp was reading in the mid 90's and water was a dirty green. You couldn't make out anything in the water unless it was right on the surface.

Got back to Parrish Park a little after 1:00 and there were two other rigs in the parking lot. What a difference Monday makes from the usual weekend crowd. We had a good start, found plenty of trout in 4-5 feet of water in the early part of the morning. The bite shut off about 10:30 and the water was hot and dirty. Mullet were everywhere.

08-22-2011, 11:42 PM
Thats whats up!!! The river is dirty!!!!!!! bleh and too HOT!!! ... and here comes our first hurricane to make it worse. Get out while you still can. Awesome report, Thankyou!

08-23-2011, 05:22 AM
Nice report. That pattern is the same all over the IRL......best action is mornings and then the water is getting hot and shutting the bite off.