View Full Version : 6/8 Snapper on a Yacht......

06-10-2011, 01:01 PM
Forecast yesteday was 1-2s so I planned on taking my cousins out on my boat to get our limit of snapper, untill I got a call at 6 in the morning from a buddy saying it was 3 to 5's . So after a little debating we decided to take my cousins 47' cruiser out with no bottom machine, livewell or rodholders. He had a saltwater washdown we ran into a trash can for a live well and I picked some spots that were spread out enough to where we didn't hafta be rite over fish to catch them. As much as this looks like a fishing boat it isn't, even has a marlin door for some reason..
So we catch threadfin and buy a scoop of cigs from bait man and head out. Cruised about 16 knots in 3 to 5s and got soaked but it was still better than being in my boat that is half the size, took an hour and a half to get to our first spot. Started pulling up real nice fish, a few were close to 30" and about 45 min into fishing the fancy gps on the boat all the sudden can't fix our position, messed with it for about 30 min and couldn't get it back working so we had to head in, ended up with 7 snapper, wish we could have caught our limit but still had a good time.