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08-09-2011, 10:22 AM
Went out a couple days ago and loaded up on some nice sea bass. So I decided to take my dad and friend out to see if we could put some more fish in the boat. The day started out rough to say the least. NOAA was way off, but that's nothing new. Loaded up on pogies south of the inlet and tried to make our way out to the first bottom spot, but decided to turn back and head for the tip of the cape. We found some relief there, and started catching some nice jacks. Better than nothing I guess. Finally around 11-12 the seas laid down and we headed for the first wreck in 60ft. Threw a couple baits down and started live chumming with pogies. We saw a big school of AJs come flying by but that was it. So we decided to head out to the wreck that produced for us the other day. On the way out we see some flying fish in 70ft getting killed! Slowed the boat down and threw out a handful of pogies. Two nice dolphin came crashing the live bait. I couldn't believe they were in this close. By the time we got a couple hooked baits out the larger fish made there way back to the school of flying fish. But a huge school of peanuts came to the boat. They were fun to mess with for a little while but we wanted to get out to our bottom spot. So we pressed on and another 1/2 mile saw another school of decent dolphin jumping completely out of the water chasing flying fish. We get to our spot and drop down baits and immediately hook up on a couple sharks and bonita. Then came the first dolphin on the bottom! Then another, then another. All three dolphin were caught on the bottom. A couple more drops and we hook up to a couple nice seabass before the storms started bearing down on us. Wish we could have stayed longer because the fish were on fire. But three dolphin and 2 seabass in 20 minutes was not bad. Nothing huge but some good eats nontheless. Biggest dolphin was about 10-12 lbs.

08-10-2011, 11:24 AM
some good eats there, nice job and report!

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Very nice. Way to bring home the dinner. I find nothing more fun than getting into a school of Phins and everyone getting to fight them on light tackle.