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  1. Dow -500 Hussein -23 Obama goes on vacation today
  2. Bachmann wants to socialize Gas!
  3. Next war -- Syria
  4. Helping those in need works.
  5. Obamanomics quickly accelerating inflation
  6. American idiots: How Washington is destroying the economy
  7. Typical Obama Czar Cant Hide his Political Leanings.
  8. A Test for Obama’s View of a One-Term Presidency
  9. Obama's answer to the economy- more vacations!
  10. U.S. Government Investing $500M in Solar Power Projects—In India
  12. POLL: If the election were tomorrow who would get your vote?
  13. Remember this about our government
  14. Nancy Pelosi Heckled At Town Hall Over Debt Bill: "Sell-Out"
  15. Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientists from NASA
  16. Military Spending
  17. Obama's EPA Pushes New Ozone Regs that Cripple Local Gov's, Business and Industry
  18. Call Uncle Sam, Obama's unhelpful advice
  19. Bachmann - 3 gaffes in one week - fuitcake anyone?
  20. GOP candidate Michele Bachmann: I'll bring back $2 gas
  21. Nope, no bias here
  22. Biden, Chinese VP call for improved relations
  23. Up Date On New Grass Roots Effort
  24. 5 Myths about Rick Perry
  25. Is Warren Buffet a Socialist.....
  26. Obamas Fly 'His & Her' Jets to Lux Vacay...
  27. Foreign Students in Work Visa Program Stage Walkout at Hershey's Plant
  28. Obama's New Fuel Economy Standards Will Increase Cost of a Car More Than $6,000
  29. Obama HHS caught campaigning for Democrats
  30. PANETTA: US forces to stay in Iraq into 2012...
  31. Good job Obama... GM wont cover warranties.
  32. Rick Perry for God
  33. And Panetta/Obama is begging them to let us stay just a little while longer
  34. New Ron Paul Campaign Ad
  35. Obama Faces Criticism From Liberals, Unions, Latinos--Losing his 2008 "base"
  36. dadgummit, missed opportunity
  37. US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024
  38. Jon Il, Obama looking at things
  39. Feed Me Seymour
  40. More environmentalists' help for the US oconomy
  41. Obama/Liberals are Going to Cause a Wave of Coal-Plant Shutdowns
  42. Government Motors Stocks Hit New Low
  43. Maxine Waters on The Tea Party!
  44. Arabian Revolts - Bush should get credit ?
  45. Good News - Florida's Credit Rating UP Since Rick Scott Took Office
  46. Gene Simmons presidential predictions...
  47. Mark down Comcast as "In The Tank " for Obama
  48. Massachusetts has highest health insurance premiums in the country.
  49. Census survey returned
  50. Consumer Edge says U.S. confidence hits new low
  51. Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed
  52. Gingrich now on the media ignore list
  53. What about Ron Paul?
  54. Obama's Wall Street Donors Move To Romney
  55. Calling all Lib/Dems!---Important question!
  56. Wanna Start Fixin' Our Economy ?
  57. Registered Republican " Rich people don't create jobs"
  58. We Told You The Stimulus Would Create Jobs
  59. Rick Scott's dog deletes emails
  60. Lake County School System Places Itself Above FL Constitution
  61. -24
  62. What Are They Afraid Of? "The Media's anti-Paul campaign"
  63. Who are the 26% ???
  64. Obama in Close Race Against Perry, Bachmann, Paul...losing to Romney!
  65. FCC kills Fairness Doctrine
  66. 10 Big Lies from the Obama Administration
  67. US Military Intervention in Libya Cost At Least $896 Million
  68. Obama and "his" debt?
  69. Obama sets record: $4,247,000,000,000 debt in just 945 days
  70. Spending, not entitlements, created huge deficit
  71. -26
  72. Qaddafi Overthrow Would Boost U.S. Economy .....
  73. Homage to the Bush Administration.
  74. New home sales on pace for worst year in history...
  75. Respect: Show It Or Be Gone
  76. Gallup: Obama approval rating reaches new low (38% approval)
  77. Made In China But Not Sold At Wal-Mart
  78. Thumbs Up, Florida for spotlighting a great American.
  79. corporate fear tactics
  80. Hey pro union guys, looks like Obama is screwing you too, ROFLMAO
  81. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL)
  82. Obama's payback to the Unions
  83. First 2012 Presidential Ad
  84. Republicans for Tax Hikes.....
  85. Middle America does not exist.
  86. A new era in U.S. foreign policy.....
  87. Flashback: Obama calls adding $4 trillion to national debt “unpatriotic”
  88. An American Fraud Story Starring Shirley Sherrod
  89. Bill Clinton endorses Bachmann...
  90. Obama's post racial world
  91. Project Vote Smart website
  92. Obama bus tour ridiculed on Twitter
  93. Obama bows to Chinese handlers, disappoints an Ally and kills 16000 jobs
  94. (Media Ignores) Horrific Numbers for Obama in Florida
  95. latest poll on gop race
  97. A Peaceful Nation...
  98. Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 9/11 Ceremony
  99. Nuclear experts warn of Libya "dirty bomb" materials
  100. The Hill Hexagon: Obama bus tour ridiculed on Twitter
  101. Rubio speech at the Reagan Library
  102. Time to remove stigma from pedophilia
  103. Flashback: Obama calls Bush adding $4 trillion to national debt “Unpatriotic”!
  104. Jackson Hole today......................
  105. Score one for team Obama...............and the goat herders???
  106. local manufacturing
  107. This Proves It
  108. My Bank of America prediction was coming true...then Warren Buffet stepped in
  109. Boys will be boys
  110. Moannar is a straight up Pimp !!!!
  111. Is God Imaginary
  112. France introduces new tax on high incomes
  113. LIBERTY: Two big to fail
  114. Texas to Begin Deporting Foreign Convicts
  115. In the course of human history ...
  116. Front Porch Humor
  117. Liberals have better family values than Conservatives
  118. Inhofe lays long list of nation’s ills at Obama’s feet
  119. Will Republicans Celebrate Anti-Labor Day.....
  120. Mark my words on this one........
  121. Coburn: 'It's a Good Thing I Can't Pack a Gun on the Senate Floor'
  122. Term Limits For Congress?
  123. Hey Libs!!!
  124. How are the gold stars next to the thread title get awarded?
  125. The Justice Department Bullies Gibson Without Filing Charges
  126. Will you allow Obama and Reid to kill more jobs?
  127. Environmental Enforcement Leaves Musicians in Fear
  128. Biden: more US stimulus needed, business mad at S&P
  129. Bernanke: No new steps to boost economy...
  130. This just in! Breaking News!
  131. DOJ Invades Gibson Guitar Factory Looking For Illegal......
  132. Obama Governemnt gone wild
  133. MORE breaking news !!!
  134. 2% fail the welfare drug test
  135. Seeds of Discontent for Bachmann in Iowa; Told to Cut the 'Obama Rock Star Crap'
  136. Only God
  137. More BLACK job mandates 8/24/2011
  138. Ok Americans you better hope that you don't need any disaster relief
  139. Conservative/Liberal terminology
  140. If state run Citizens insurance can't cover a loss who does you may be surprised
  141. If you think the President cannot affect the Oconomy, think again.
  142. Liberals Contribution to Civil Debate...
  143. Perry Bills Feds $349M for Incarcerating Illegals
  144. Obama Seeks The Ultimate Free Lunch For Housing, And It's A Bank Bailout In Disguise
  145. Mexican Police Are Now Staging Drug Raids From Inside The U.S.
  146. US economy: Output revised down for April to June
  147. Hey Afghanistan....
  148. NOAA’s Phony “Hurricane” Coming On Shore With 33 MPH Winds.
  149. Plan to keep your health plan? Don't count on it
  150. ESPN Moves to Silence Golf Analyst Who Criticized Obama
  151. Al Gore to Rick Perry: Climate scientists aren't motivated by money
  152. Mayor: Those who need to leave NYC should go now
  153. White House: Companies Won’t Drop Health Coverage
  154. "unexpected" bad economic news from lame stream media
  155. Ron Paul addresses hurrican preparedness and response ....
  156. What am I?
  157. iDone - Obama performance tracking app for iPhone
  158. Dems just can't get over Bush
  159. Chris Wallace interviews Ron Paul (Aug 28, 2011)
  160. Gore: Global warming skeptics are this generation’s racists
  161. Pollsters: Modern History Shows Obama Can't Win in 2012
  162. Bush 911 interview
  163. Rick Scott, getting to work for his former co-workers in prison, then reneging
  164. Worth a read.........
  165. Michele Bachmann's and the message from God
  166. Obama's Labor Problem: Union Scales Back Support for Democratic Party
  167. Guess who else refuses to negotiate with Terrorist and guess who did.
  168. Republican Politicians Banned From Labor Day Parade In Wisconsin
  169. GOP to focus on cutting regulations that kill jobs, Democrats to oppose.
  170. Another elected official in the news
  171. Report: U.S. Has Wasted $30 Billion on Iraq, Afghanistan Contracts and Grants
  172. Mental illness rise linked to climate
  173. Another Academic
  174. More rumblings about Hillary entering the race......?
  175. 27% of Dems want to dump Obama!!
  176. hussain's Libyan Policies Killing His Own People
  177. If You Think ACORN is gone...!!!
  178. Obama's uncle held by immigration authorities
  179. with Obama sliding so badly in the polls, could we have another dem running for pres
  180. Gibson guitar was raided because of Holders interpretation of foreign law
  181. The Florida Sand Skink, More environmental regulations destoying jobs.
  182. Has anyone told Cheney
  183. A look at the past
  184. Afghanistan Deaths: August Is Deadliest Month Ever For U.S. Troops --RICKC check out
  185. Ron Paul can win
  186. Drunk stoned union DC cop shoots tranny for refusal to have s e x with him go union
  187. Back in recession?
  188. America’s Secret Libya War - already spent 1 billion
  189. Support the Champion of the Constitution
  190. Obama can't write?
  191. Disappearance of the American Working Man
  192. Eid Sa‘eed .....
  193. Democrat kooks
  194. Ron Paul: “Mission Accomplished” in Libya?
  195. Ms. Maxy , the typical obama supporter
  196. Way to go Justice Department :headbang:
  197. CommunityOrganizing--Black Panthers want to get involved in Jacksonville's viol
  198. "Obama Money"
  199. Babysitting bill in Calif. Legislature
  200. Sick of Obama? There’s an app for that.”
  201. Another Boehner Boner....
  202. Obama Labor Secretary Buys Canadian-Built Car!!
  203. Bachmann says she'd consider Everglades drilling
  204. Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Low of 41 Percent- Women! Losing MORE of his base!
  205. Another example on how this Admin hates the American Worker.....
  206. Well it's started. way to go DADT repeal supporters.
  207. 2/3 of Americans are Thumbs Down on Obama & Economy
  208. 600 al Qaeda prisoners freed in Libya - Mission Accomplished?!?!?
  210. Don’t think of it as the federal government but as your “federal family.”
  211. This will be an intersting TV program.
  212. So Obamas job plan? do you think
  213. Anyone up to raising taxes to pay our fair share of the 97%?
  214. Iraq Deaths: August is the safest month ever for U.S. troops
  216. Obama's Mortgage Refinancing Bailout Is Doomed To Fail
  217. Texas abortion law: Judge blocks sonogram provisions
  218. Cheney Opposed Bailing Out GM
  219. Unmarried? Living together? You're breaking the law in Florida
  220. Report: Buffett's Berkshire Owes $1 Billion In Back Taxes
  221. Perry Proposed A Bi-National Health Insurance Plan With Mexico In 2001
  222. U.S. Is Set to Sue a Dozen Big Banks Over Mortgages
  223. A Plea to my Politico Brothers
  224. ZERO net jobs for August!
  225. Dems Fleeing Obama!
  226. "....a thoroughly unvetted President"
  227. "Fast and Furious" bigger than Iran Contra and Watergate ?
  228. Caption Needed
  229. "There Are Better Days Ahead"....bawh ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah
  230. UN: Credible evidence Iran working on nuke weapons
  231. CNN:8 in 10 believe we are in recession
  232. So job creation should start tomorrow
  233. Israel even more isolated.
  234. Regulations, taxes aren't killing small business, owners say
  235. IRS, "Illegals collecting billions from IRS"
  236. September 2
  237. Another Obama lie
  238. Obama realizes again that he was wrong as usual
  239. Congratulations, US debt up 59%
  240. I want some of that OBAMA money!
  241. How about Buddy Roemer for President.............
  242. If you are looking for work in FL you should probably just leave
  243. U.S. Debt Held by Public Tops $10T for 1st Time—Up 59 Percent Under Obama
  244. Liberal College Professor, Typical Example of the Left
  245. Peter Schiff On The Job Killer In Chief
  246. Government Sues Trucking Company for Taking Keys Away From Alcoholic Driver
  247. What if a family try the Obame Budget Plan.
  248. Apple in China
  249. Poor KO is seething at BHO
  250. Seething at the POTUS - Part Deux