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  1. Even the GOP Candidates are Starting to Blame Bush
  2. This plan by China will end America as we know it. We WILL be a 3rd world country.
  3. Dad encourages son the watch Obamas state of the union address
  4. Interesting thought piece..............
  5. Government funded recreation
  6. As a show of unity!
  7. Uhh Ohh...the earth may be cooling on its' own..say it ain't so.
  8. In 2008----> Obama Seemed OK With High Gas Prices
  9. 19% of teens admit to driving while high, I bet there is nothing wrong with that
  10. Obama's LIES during his Miami speech on Energy yesterday!
  11. 7 states sue to block contraception mandate
  12. The Obama Volt
  13. Friday afternoon political humor
  14. Jeb Bush's opinion
  15. New poll out......
  16. Timmy attempts to do the POTUS's bidding....again.
  17. Santorum flunks the history of home-schooling.....
  18. The Top 1#
  19. Private employment has recouped only three eighths of it's recent loss
  20. Surprise - the POTUS's debt ceiling will be hit sooner than expected.
  21. Surprise! POTUS manipulates the system - deportations drop.
  22. Ran Paul sets the record straight
  23. Another DEM taken down by sexting.
  24. Ron Paul after the AZ Republican Debate -02/22/2012
  25. $100 Billion in Cash, where is the rage from the left?
  26. More crony capitalism from the POTUS
  27. Clinton warns of Arab Spring backsliding
  28. Obama's "Plan" to get 270 Electoral Votes?
  29. Rick Santorum could take Republicans down with him
  30. The GOP War on Voting
  31. If Ron or Rand Paul...
  32. Romney's empty stadium blues
  33. Election map shifts in Obama’s favor
  34. Mauldin - VAT and Fair Tax
  35. Michigan no longer a swing state. ALL BLUE for Obama now.
  36. Repubs fall back on fear:Mitt Romney Warns Nukes Will Be Used If Obama Re-Elected
  37. Worth repeating. After 31 years in office, a 91% approval rating . . .
  38. My Toilet Makes Me Not Excited About the Government Making Decisions for Me
  39. for those that wonder why we don't hear more about the tea party
  40. Richard Dawkins: I can't be sure God does not exist
  41. Utah bill would require drinkers on alcohol commission
  42. The Chevy Volt - Joe Biden Platinum Edition...
  43. union dues
  44. another blast from the past (07)
  45. Accuracy?
  46. Who'd have thunk! What I saw in Lake Worth Today
  47. Who made up the crazt notion Afghanistan was an ally
  48. So the U.S. has kissed Egypt azz because of aid.
  49. Protest Songs
  50. Dem Conressman--> "We don't have a problem with illegals voting"
  51. I'm keep saying this......
  52. An apology to President Karzai of Afghanistan on behalf of America . . .
  53. $249.1 million in fed grant money= 125 green energy layoffs
  54. Santorum says he doesn't believe in separation of church and state
  55. 66 years later . . .
  56. Obama kissing Afgans A$$.
  57. When Buffet Speaks
  58. White people for Romney
  59. Is this were we are headed?
  60. Blacks for Obama versus Whites For Paul
  61. It's the Michelle Obama Double Standard time again!
  62. The Obama Campaign in One Cartoon
  63. More Evidence of A Failing Nation: Jesse Jackson
  64. Obama trails Romney and Paul, leads santorum by just 2
  65. Poll: Obama beats all republicans including generic
  66. Whites for Obama group has a lot of members
  67. Watch Obama, Hillary Wasserman-Schultz,Stabenow and Pelosi blame Bush for $4 gas
  68. “uh, oh” for the GOP
  69. The "Community Organizer’s" Collectivist Vision for Amerika?
  70. Huckabee Laments GOP's 'Toxic Atmosphere'
  71. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY : Mitt Romney Attacks Rick Santorum
  72. The Geography of Dependence
  73. ....and from the it just isn't gettin any better in FL file.......
  74. Cartoons we can all agree upon . . .
  75. Economists see more reasons for optimism this year
  76. So Obama apologizes to muslims
  77. obama screws troops, kisses unions
  78. Obama loves the Espionage Act.
  79. Obama in bed with big oil.....
  80. Gingrich to Afghanistan: ‘Live Your Own Miserable Life’
  81. White House Won’t Release Obama’s 3 PAGE APOLOGY LETTER to Hamid Karzai
  82. And it Starts
  83. How many of you are "snobs"
  84. the ulitimate goal of Obama and his supporters
  85. Do you support putting American or Allied soldiers on trail for burning the Korans?
  86. Durable Goods Demand Falls Most in 3 Years; Down 4%
  87. Home prices fall in December. Back to 2002 levels
  88. Wall Street greed fueling high gas prices
  89. Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field
  90. Dow Jones Closes Above 13,000 For The First Time Since May 2008
  91. The moderate arm of the tea party goes on a recruitment drive.
  92. Why no threads about Willard taking down a bunch more delegates?
  93. Romney wins Michigan despite...
  94. Here's a more proper "apology" to Karzai/Afghanistan!
  95. Obama's JIHAD against the US Military
  96. Party of Hate
  97. I just got an email from Newt and he said........
  98. political photo caption JOTD
  99. Boehner- just about damn time that we actually have a national energy policy
  100. What's our "Policy" for being in Afghanistan?
  101. Democrats?
  102. What If All Federal Social/Moral Laws Were Repealed?
  103. Speaking of North Korea
  104. More GOP bad News- McCain: Romney May Be Too Wounded to Win in November
  105. Pennsylvania judge invokes Sharia Law: tosses case where Muslim attacks atheist
  106. it never changes
  107. Energy Secretary Chu Admits Obama Admin "OK" with High Gas Prices
  108. We Didn't Win By Much....
  109. If you never heard of the Bible
  110. He was against it before he was for it
  111. Pork barrel spending is a gateway drug to corruption
  112. Netanyahu expected to press Obama to threaten Iran with military action
  113. Rick Santorum’s Doublespeak
  114. Warning to Romney Ads: ‘The Way You Judge, You Will be Judged’
  115. Whew! Another exhausting day at work!
  116. Breitbart dead
  117. I'm not a racist...
  118. Syria's Assad to Step Down, Launch Belated GOP Bid
  119. G.O.P. Greek Tragedy
  120. Real inflation at 8%
  121. TSA was a bad idea - another agency over reaching
  122. Romney Calls for Deportation of Gays, Women Who Use Contraception
  123. Newt defends Obama; says Fox full of chit
  124. the BIG TENT GOP
  125. US pays $5 million to buy freedom for rights workers on trial in Egypt
  126. Why dont we have any serious 3rd party candidates?
  127. Fox News: Thanks to the stimulus, our economy is better off
  128. Mitt Romney needs to be left alone
  129. Hey! Illegals! Come to the USA to get your meds and your abortion
  130. BREAKING NEWS: Obama birth cirtificate problem
  131. A National Day of Prayer
  132. MCSO Sheriff Joe Arpaio says Obama's birth certificate is computer generated forgery
  133. Coulter Gives You the TRUTH
  134. Five PA coal-fueled power plants to close due to Obama administration regulation
  135. An expurgated note from Allen West . . .
  136. Traditional American thinking with a musical confirmation . . .
  137. The Rich are Democrats
  138. uh Oh the athiest church may have bitten off more then they can chew
  139. Question for Christian conservatives on the importance of baptism?
  140. Is anyone here "against" proper Voter Registration and ID?
  141. yet another goad for the upcoming war with iran
  142. Bernanke:-------> No More Good Jobs News for Obama this year!
  143. Deport the Valedictorian
  144. If You Think Your Neighbor has a Meth Lab, Would you...
  145. Obama's energy "plan"
  146. Anything wrong with this sign?
  147. Raise Oil Taxes! Does Obama Get "Economics"?
  148. Affordable Obmacare just got more expensive
  149. Romney Wants to Fire These People
  150. Obama's Volt halts production! 1,300 Americans lose their jobs
  151. "NO FIELD ACT" would penalize the Department of Defense $750K
  152. looks like that poor over sexed coed was another plant
  153. How do you think the successful got that way?
  154. 7 fatal flaws of Obama care
  155. Why does this President "hate" Israel?
  156. Say FRAUD! To M!ch!gan.....
  157. Mitt Romney says Romneycare should go national
  158. Charlie Crist to endorse Obama, go dem, run for governor
  159. Fox News: Does the war on drugs do more harm to America than actual drugs?
  160. Compassionate conservatives: Food stamps= Feeding wild animals
  161. Republican leader Limpbaugh alienates women voters; 53% of all voters are women
  162. So sad, republicans conflicted again. This time Israel.
  163. Rush apologizes once his lies start costing him money.
  164. Perception is reality and the republicans are sinking their own ship.
  165. Palin floats Rep. West for VP nominee......
  166. Obama's Jihad against the Catholic Church continues.....
  167. While the left feigns indignation over Rush’s “C word” comment
  168. Limbaugh's Apology
  169. Benjamin Netanyahu: President Obama deserves 'badge of honor'
  170. Government Assistance Comes With Strings
  171. Ron Paul vs the HonestMistake.
  172. Post birth abortion
  173. Ron Paul: Republican Candidates Criticizing Obama For Quran Apology Are ‘Over The Top
  174. Equality or Inequality
  175. "They want to bomb Iran, but they’re afraid of Rush Limbaugh.”
  176. Would you consider 17 million too much for one stimulis Job? not this one
  177. Death for 10% of You
  178. Obama" goes Henry VIII"
  179. Typical Lying Marxist Democrat Union Boss
  180. well lookee here
  181. How Did The MAM Miss This Story?
  182. Novembers Presidential Election
  183. First year in decades without new US bank
  184. Why I am neither Republican or Democrat
  185. From the grave, Andrew Breitbart exposes Obama radical ties
  186. A Black Conservative's view of Michelle Obama?
  187. Vote for none of the above?
  188. Santorum on why his cartable donations are so low.
  189. Black teens poured gasoline on white boy walking home from school and set him on fire
  190. Fox News Poll: Republicans fail with needed latino voters
  191. Netanyahu says it will be 'master of its fate'
  192. al Qaida in Iraq mounts combat
  193. McCain calls for airstrikes
  194. A little lift for the afternoon....JOTD
  195. A question for the Republicans on this board....
  196. $9/month for B/Control pills 3 miles from Georgetown Law!
  197. Republicans picked a terrible time to go to war against woman and birth control.
  198. 12 advertisers beat the cancer known as Rush Limbaugh
  199. A number of things to think about here..................
  200. Romney out of touch with voters...wifes says 250 million not really wealthy.
  201. Leaked: Bin Laden Not Buried at Sea, Body Moved on CIA Plane to US!
  202. Did anyone watch Sheriff Arpaio's news conference the other day?
  203. Senator John McCain wnats to bomb syria
  204. Senator John McCain wnats to bomb Syria
  205. Rick Santorum: Single mothers are 'breeding more criminals'
  206. The South Should Have Won.....
  207. FOX NEWS: "No President has the power to increase or to lower gas prices."
  208. Steve Bridges dies . . .
  209. Murder on the Obama Express
  210. What has George Soro's done?
  211. Netflix bails on Rush
  212. Rush Limbaugh is a prostitute
  213. Afghanistan president backs strict guidelines for women
  214. I don't know which group is more inane
  215. Again, the Imposter-in-Chief speaks and the market tank big time.
  216. Santorum the only true republican kicks b.....
  217. What? Mainstream (conservative) catholics recognize income inequality?
  218. Rush Limbaugh instills fear in GOP candidates
  219. Rush's latest list...who is putting pressure on these companies to do this ????
  220. Archie . . .
  221. Lets put this into perspective...
  222. Voter Fraud Prevented in Ohio! Thank goodness these radicals are denied the right!
  223. Santorum backers pressuring Gingrich to bow out of presidential race
  224. SHOCKER: House repubs wimping out
  225. Some Advertisers Suddenly Want to Support Rush Limbaugh
  226. Now we know what caused the tornados
  227. Is China selling arms to Iran?
  228. 20 statistics that will make you forget about contraception...
  229. Why you cant smoke a joint but can take all the pills you want
  230. Republican turnout mystery
  231. Obama wants to give Russia missle defense secrets
  232. We need a little different perspective on the subject......and a smile....
  233. Wind power companies paid to not produce
  234. A Statement from Kim Komando Regarding Rush Limbaugh . . .
  235. Patriots . . . Enjoy!
  236. Million $$ lottery winner still collects food stamps
  237. Why buy the cow?
  238. Romney changes his stand on the minimum wage
  239. Two Consenting Adults...
  240. Romney is right on this one.
  241. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell : Iran nukes need massive response
  242. NYPD ticks off FBI for doing a better job
  243. Obamas Harvard Protest video cheering on Radical Dereck Bell
  244. Stupid Republican Voter Logic Could Cost Santorum the Nomination
  245. Ohio Primary Demonstrates Romney Just as Liberal as Obama
  246. Jobless Claims turn back up
  247. A GOP campaign that no one seems able to win
  248. Romney says the math make him inevitable. Here is his "math"
  249. Ruh-roh. Unemployment heading higher again
  250. Ping Tea Party members