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  1. Availible angler/Availible boat thread.
  2. Want To Fish
  3. Need A Crew and Want To Fish
  4. Want To Fish
  5. Want To Fish
  6. Need A Crew
  7. Want To Fish
  8. Need A Crew
  9. Need A Crew and Want To Fish
  10. Need A Crew
  11. Need A Crew
  12. Want To Fish
  13. Need A Crew/ Mate
  14. Need A Crew
  15. Want To Fish and Need A Crew
  16. Need A Crew / Want To Fish
  17. Bahamas Anyone
  18. Need a Mayport Crew for Wahoo Runs
  19. West End Wahoo
  20. Are Yellowmouth Trout or Black Drum biting near downtown or the Buckman Bridge?
  21. Need a crew that wants to fish the ledge, fast out, fish hard, fast in
  22. Crew needed for Sunday ledge trip - wahoo/bottom
  23. Jettys and Inshore
  24. looking for a open spot for 1/22/12
  25. looking for someone that knows where to find the fish
  26. Inshore and always ready!
  27. Crew Member Looking for Boat for Offshore and Inshore Fishing - Off 5 days a week
  28. looking for ride to wahoo/mahi fish
  29. Coming Down For The Weekend
  30. Looking for someone to help with gas, bait and some local knowledge...
  31. Tuesday jetties need a partner
  32. Moving to St Johns county
  33. I need a crew for a cobia trip 4 wed
  34. looking for St Augustine inshore fishing partner - have boat
  35. Anyone looking to fish?
  36. Looking for a ride Friday, more than willing to split gas, bait, beer, whatever..
  37. ICW around Jax on Tuesdas and Thursdays-I have old 16 ft CC.--need boatless old salts
  38. Wanna Fish Friday, I got room for 2
  39. Swording Adventure
  40. Cobia Fishing Sunday out of St. Augustine
  41. got 2 for grouper. tuesday
  42. Looking to go fishing this sunday, willing to help with gas,bait,beer etc.
  43. Looking for Nearshore Trip on 5/3 Thursday
  44. Looking for Ledge Trip This Weekend
  45. grouper out of mayport on friday
  46. Division 5 Kingfish partner
  47. going to bottom bump & troll a bit looking for 2 to help with gas & bait
  48. need 2 for mayport offshore
  49. Nearshore Fri, 4 May
  50. Got 2 for Wednesday
  51. Want to go Fishing
  52. Mayport Jetties Today!! I need a crew
  53. Want to Dive/Fish offshore
  54. Looking for additions to the crew Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...
  55. need 2 for mayport offshore
  56. need to fish offshore
  57. ferndina kingfish tourny
  58. anybody wanna fish Friday, sat, and or sunday
  59. Looking for a new crew member for the King tournaments....
  60. Looking for a ledge/ far offshore trip
  61. Anyone fishing this weekend??
  62. Surf Fishing. Fernadina Beach Area.
  63. looking for hardcore fisherman
  64. Fishing/shrimping
  65. Need crew for Monday 8/13 - bluewater trolling
  66. Inshore this saturday...
  67. need a dive partner
  68. Need a crew for Canaveral Buoy
  69. Red Snapper Crew, Fri, Sat, maybe Sun Need crew
  70. Need boat and Captain for Full of Bull Tourney this weekend!!! Friday Oct 5 & Oct 6 i
  71. Weekday fishing buddy
  72. Seasoned Captain To Run Your Boat
  73. Wahoo fishing 11/27 Tuesday
  74. Looking for two for grouper tomorrow.
  75. looking for someone to fish with me
  76. Need a dedicated crew
  77. Crew members needed
  78. Looking to get out and do some fishing!!
  79. Looking to fish more!
  80. In town Jan. 13th - 19th
  81. Trolling for Ledge Crew
  82. Anyone heading offshore on the 20th or 21st??
  83. Need people down to fish
  84. Want to Fish!!!!
  85. Seeking to fill out weekend offshore fishing crews
  86. Available most weekends, during the week with a bit of notice - Experienced Fisherman
  87. LF 1M Wahoo /Tuna Venice LA, March 6-10
  88. Looking for 2 for ledge trip on Sunday out of st aug
  89. Offshore deckhand
  90. I bought a boat... Now what!! Help :)
  91. land based shark fishing
  92. Trolling Ledge for Wahoo - April 7th, St Aug
  93. I need to go for a ride!
  94. Redfish Roundup
  95. offshore 4-16
  96. Anyone headed out for cobia Sunday?
  97. Night fishing downtown
  98. looking for a Tarpon a holic
  99. St Augustine fishing charter
  100. Sunday Info
  101. I Need an Inshore Buddy
  102. offshore
  103. looking for a inshore fishing partner!! (jacksonville area)
  104. titisville to daytona
  105. Someone going out today (Sunday)
  106. Fisherman looking for seat Ormond/Datona beach area
  107. BTB Kayakers
  108. Kingfish classic July 12-14 need 1-2 people!
  109. Red Tourney
  110. Newbie needs help!!
  111. Scalloping Steinhatchee
  112. need 1 crew member for fishing at SS
  113. Looking for divers, out of mayport.
  114. Need a crew for snapper!
  115. Night fishing and Shrimping
  116. Anybody Got Room for One? 10/10 or 10/11
  117. NEED A CREW FOR SUNDAY OCT 19, 2013
  118. Need a free diving partner
  119. Wahoo season crew 1-2 people
  120. Pick Up Crew for Wahoo
  121. What kind of fishing experience and skills for crew?
  122. Tuesday wahoo fishing 2/11/14
  123. Looking for the Inshore Bite
  124. Looking for a ride to the ledge
  125. Amelia Island 4/8-4/12
  126. Crew for jettys
  127. Need 1-2 crew to join 3 others
  128. Anyone need crew for coming weekend?
  129. Looking to join in on some offshore action saturday morning!
  130. Free ledge trip
  131. Looking For A Bluewater Trip
  132. dolphin fishing monday 5-5-14 need crew
  133. Dolphin fishing 5/4
  134. ledge trip 5/10/14 saturday
  135. Need some knowledge.
  136. Need a crew of one for MR trip Sunday
  137. Elton bottom
  138. Looking for someone who wants to go gigging
  139. look for offshore trip this weekend
  140. Share a guide
  141. Have boat will fish
  142. Who has a B25 (Bertram 25)
  143. Anything...
  144. 6/20 ledge trip on Tops Off.
  145. Crewman available
  146. bass guy looking to change
  148. Kingfish on Saturday 6/28 - Mayport
  149. manana east of PV kings bottom and whatever else comes along
  150. King fish tournament
  151. bottom fishing trips
  152. Shrimping and Fishing!
  153. Offshore bottom bumping Thursday, Sept 4
  154. Room for one Friday
  155. looking for one on Sat 9-13 bottom fishing and future dive & fishing trips!
  156. Looking to venture offshore
  157. Looking for any opportunity
  158. Looking for two for tomorrow
  159. Fishing south of downtown Jax
  160. Still need a third for tomorrow.
  161. River fishing near OP?
  162. Wahoo Fishing
  163. Need 2 more for Sunday wahoo fishing 11/30
  164. Looking for Two Wahoo/Bottom Fishing
  165. Down to fish whenever, wherever, for whatever
  166. Wan't go off-shore bottom fishing?
  167. Looking for 2-3 for wahoo on thursday
  168. need a crew for Sat
  169. Driftin'n'Dreamin late note for one tomorrow
  170. Looking for one for Tuesday, 12/30
  171. Short notice... Tomorrow!
  172. Experienced captain wanted
  173. I'm heading out to inside 20 miles on Tuesday, need some company.
  174. Shark fishing next Thursday
  175. Using this forum to gather/find a group to book a charter
  176. Looking at monday for wahoo
  177. Offshore
  178. reel service in St. Aug
  179. Captain without a ship...
  180. Back in Jax looking to fish
  181. boat is down until June
  182. Going tomorrow 20-25 miles bottom fishing
  183. tomorrow offshore
  184. Looking for a ride
  185. Anybody needing another fisherman?
  186. offshore ledge trip sunday
  187. Looking to go this Wed.
  188. Fridays!!
  189. Anyone have room for 2 onboard ??
  190. Room for one or two.
  191. Anyone Got An Open Spot
  192. Anybody got 2 spots for tomorrrow? 6/19
  193. Room for a few 6/20
  194. Jetty Guide
  195. Fourth of July weekend need ride
  196. Crew members needed
  198. Looking for 4-5 spots tomorrow
  199. Mango madness 7-11-15
  200. att&t kingfish tourny need 1 crew member
  201. New to area, looking for some fishing buddies
  202. dive buddys welcome
  203. Flounder Gigging, Shrimping, Fishing, Bowhunting, Golfing...who's in?
  204. New to the area and ready to FISH!!
  205. New to the area - looking to get some fishing in
  206. Anyone going offshore this weekend?
  207. Anybody want to go bull red fishing tonight?
  208. Bottom bumping offshore in the morning
  209. No Football for Me!!
  210. Any Offshore Spots?
  211. This time of year is slow for me - any one have an open spot for inshore??
  212. Looking for two crew members
  213. Have boat, need brain
  214. Amelia Island Rock Pile
  215. Thanksgiving Weekend and want to fish
  216. New to Amelia Island/FB look for someone to fish/mentor me.
  217. 12/10
  218. Saturday 12/12 offshore. Have room for 1 person
  219. Anybody a Man Down?
  220. Looking for someone to go fishing with.
  221. 22 ft boat ready to go offshore new years eve
  222. Thursday 01/14 looking for a ride
  223. Anyone need a spot filled for El Cheapo Tournament?
  224. Jetties
  225. looking for someone who needs a parter
  226. Moving back east from worst coast
  227. Looking for a ride Sunday 01/31
  228. Fishing Saturday 1-30
  229. Anybody got a spot or two open for Saturday?
  230. Hardcore fisherman wanted
  231. Sunday 1/31 room for 2
  232. Sunday 1/31 room for one offshore trolling
  233. Anyone headed offshore Monday 2/29?
  234. Need help with South St Augustine. I'll provide the boat.
  235. Need 2 for Thursday 3/17 wahoo and bottom bump run
  236. Looking for fishing buddy
  237. Looking for fishing buddy in fernandina/yulee
  238. Anyone Fishing Monday May 2nd
  239. offshore fishing trip
  240. Experienced former boat owner willing to help with $ and work
  241. North Florida Area
  242. Looking for some fishing buddies
  243. Need another Spearo for Sat Morning dive trip
  244. Looking for off shore trips
  245. Blew the engine
  246. Fernandina Inshore
  247. Looking to do some fishing this weekend